Corpus Rahkshi Wikia

"It would be hard if I was just trying to write characters... I see them as people. Each one has a fragment of my personality with a lot of their own filled in around it... I've developed each character to the point where they seem to just write themselves, I just give them a voice."

Welcome to my user page! I'm Onuku, known on BZP as "Click." I've been playing Corpus Rahkshi since near to the beginning, and enjoyed every bit of it. It has really helped me to develop my own writing style and learn how to create a convincing character. Sometimes, I may take them a little far...

I feel like I'm Corpus Rahkshi's unofficial historian, as I tend to remember more about the game than most other players. I compiled the Timeline page and I've done a few of the Event pages after plenty of rereading. I've also done much of the character art for the wiki, including Kat, Omega, and Mu, beside that of my own characters.

My Characters