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Tridax is the Makuta of Nynrah, and former headmaster of Corpus Rahkshi.

Former headmaster of Corpus Rahkshi.
Former headmaster of Corpus Rahkshi.
General Information
Player Wyrd Bid Ful Araed
Species Makuta.
Abilities 42 kraata powers, telepathy, shadows, flight.
Gender Male.
Status Alive, demoted.
Gear Olmak, Rau.


Being a Makuta, Tridax is capable of changing his form to suit his needs, however in-game he usually takes on a form not dissimilar to that of a Steltian Elite, albeit with wings.  


"The Makuta of Nynrah [was] put in charge of Corpus Rahkshi possibly because he kept telling people he was the best man for the job more than because he actually was. He doesn’t really consider the Rahkshi to be people or individuals, but tools. Weapons. Things he can study and examine, like an entomologist pinning butterflies."

Skills and abilities

Like all Makuta, he has access to the 42 kraata powers, as well as telepathy, flight and shadows. In canon, he was known to sometimes wear the Kanohi Olmak, although in-game he usually opts for a Rau, in order to more easily communicate with students.


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  • "I feel it would be no exaggeration to say I was really the only possible choice for the position of Corpus Rahkshi’s headmaster. In addition to the many advantages my rank and position gives me I am one of the few Makuta who takes a very serious scientific interest in kraata and their development. While lesser minds are content to simply create monster after monster, I find my interests leaning towards understanding and improving those creatures that are, after all, a part of ourselves." - From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah.


  • A running joke in the playerbase is that the symbolism of Exxan's punishment was so great that Tridax shapeshifted himself a pair of nostrils to allow the symbolism to pour out.