Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
Glass, Xara, Rail
Glass, Xara, Rail
General Information
Player Norik, Nato, Timageness.
Species Kaita
Abilities Magnetism, Chain Lightning.
Gender Neutral.
Status Never used.
Gear Railgun staff, teleporting spikes.


Thrice the size of its component beings, its silver body is covered in smooth, overlapping plates of armour in black and red, which, like a level two Chain Lightning Rahkshi, can give a severe electrical shock to anything in physical contact. The Kaita has the appearance of a large bipedal lizard, with two sets of knees on its back legs, clawed hands and incredible agility. It also has a long tail that ends in detachable metal spikes that can be flung at enemies, which, using the power of Xara’s Talons, then teleport back onto its body. These spikes also serve as ammo for its staff.


As a new breed kaita, Tonitrui would have shared the minds of all three of its component beings.  

Skills and abilities

It carries a large staff with two long, razor-edged blades, which possess the same chainsaw abilities of Glass’Terrortooth. The staff allows the Kaita to easily channel its powers to create devastating EMP bursts to paralyse its foes’ armour. The staff also doubles as a railgun, channelling that same combined magnetic and electric energy through its blades to send high-speed metal shards flying at targets with explosive force.


  • As Glass' player went on hiatus soon after the profile was written, Tonitrui never came into being IC.
  • However, it was the first kaita profile to be written and approved, and thus was included here.