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Thurisaz's Tournament was an event held in the Gym. Though not an official assignment, it is often treated as such as it is the first major event after Ultron's disappearance.


After Zilnta's murder, Thurisaz's foe Ezec was punished by removal of his armor. Eager to act on the advantage and gain some sway over the students, he proposed a tournament to his vassals Tube and Aerahk. The two distributed the posters he had created to the school, while Thurisaz himself set up the Gym to host it.

The rules were simple: no one was to be killed, under threat of punishment by Thurisaz, and no manipulation of the Gym. Eight platforms were created, a dozen paces across with a sandy base, and eight posts along the edges, the only barrier between the contestants and the pit of water below. The duels would end when either one participant conceded (or was forced to concede) or was knocked from the platform.


The Tournament was held in a Round Robin style, with pairs of two determining which students would continue to the next round. The first round consisted of the following pairs, with the winner being bolded.

First Round

  1. Rail vs Glass
  2. Vyper vs Kaboom
  3. Fountain vs Geuua
  4. Orimnoc vs Torc
  5. Slif vs Paladin
  6. Diode vs Beat
  7. Exxan vs Liar
  8. Shock vs Percy

Second Round

  1. Diode vs Paladin
  2. Percy vs Vyper
  3. Geuua vs Glass
  4. Exxan vs Orimnoc

Third Round

  1. Percy vs Exxan
  2. Paladin vs Glass


  1. Exxan vs Glass