Corpus Rahkshi Wikia

The Second Assignment (informally dubbed Wreck the Halls) was set up by former Headmaster Tridax. Students split into teams of five, and were tasked with destroying Naming Day on the nearby village of Phantom-on-the-Water. The team who had performed best received personal praise form Tridax, and several students acquired Nynrah weapons with special properties during the raid.

It began with Phogen and Dodge being named team leaders at the start, as Tridax instructed the rest to split into teams of five. Xara, Glass, and Omega quickly formed to Phogen's group. Caoutchouc quickly attempted to form a rival team by calling on those fed up with Phogen's manipulations, and was joined by Mahrika, and soon after, Green. The Snake-Faced Kid also joined Cao's team. Exxan, still unsure of himself and looking to prove himself, led his own team, which the enigmatic twins Silencer and Illusive soon joined. After a bit of back and forth between the established teams, Flash joined with Phogen,Squid joined Exxan, and Floor went with Cao. Tube approached Dodge, as did Vir, and Mar'jik went to stand with Exxan. after a brief disagreement, Tube left Dodge's group to find Chequars, which didn't take long, as the diabolical Rahkshi soon appeared. Catatonic(Kat) was approached by Hashan for forming a team together, and she naturally took the lead and accepted, and was soon joined by Wraith. Recoil joined on with Dodge. Kat's group also took in Chequars and Tube.

The final teams were Phogen, with Xara, Omega, Glass, and Flash. Exxan with Silencer, Illusive, Squid, and Mar'jik. Caoutchouc with The Snake-Faced Kid, Mahrika, Green, and Floor. Dodge with Vir, Recoil, Hoto, and . Kat with Chequars, Tube, Wraith, and Hashan.

Upon arrival at Phantom on the Water, Tridax instructed the students to destroy and collect any signs of the Naming Day festivities. Only Kat questioned the desicion to disrupt the village so violently, given its close proximity to the school and it's tentative trade with the students. Ultimately, Tridax dismissed her reasoning and her team proceeded as normal. It quickly became clear that Kat's team was not following her lead at all however, as soon into the assignment, Wraith took several shots at the other leaders from one of the taller buildings. Most managed to avoid serious harm, but Dodge was struck in the leg, and it was blown apart. Kat sent the others of her team to their tasks as she investigated what she thought to be a Matoran counter attack. What she found instead was Dodge's very distressed team and Dodge themself, crippled but responsive, for the most part.

Deducing(somehow) that Wraith was to blame, Kat took it upon herself to get Dodge back to Corpus so he could seek medical attention.

Meanwhile, Fang had decided to singlehandly stop the assignment, and encountered Exxan's team first, taking them all on and fighting valiantly, but was ultimately taken down.