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Welcome to the Corpus Rahkshi Pages!

It's about that one Rahkshi RPG on BZPower. Yes, that one. If you've somehow not heard of it, you can read the GM's intro post on BZP here. But don't forget to come back and check out our wiki afterwards!


What this RPG is all about! Have a look at this page to read about the stars of the show.


The basis of any good here to view the characters category page for the Corpus Rahkshi Wiki. Feel free to add pages for your characters, just don't mess up other people's. (Minor cleanup of misspellings or poor wording are allowed.)


The second most important element of an RPG is the places it exists in, so take a look at the locations page.


New to the game? Catch up on our Timeline page or have a look at the events category to read about individual events that have happened in Corpus Rahkshi...


The current admins of this wiki are Ardoku (Onaku), Overlord Sil, Onuku (Click) and Sergei. Contact them over Skype or PM, or leave a comment under their profile, if you have any issues with the wiki that you want them to address. There are certain pages that only they can edit; if you see a problem in one of these pages, let them know.

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