Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
Era, Hoto, Jayar
Era, Hoto, Jayar
General Information
Player Johnrahk, Click, Nato
Species Kaita
Abilities Dodge, Sonics, Quick Healing, and amplification.
Gender Neutral.
Status No longer in use.
Gear Manacle wrist chains.


Sontiri's tall, red and black body resembles a lanky gargoyle. Its round, ridged head, set on hunched shoulders, has two sets of eyes, one glowing bright blue, the other dim. Its large silver wings are tipped with golden blades from Hoto's staff which ring as the Kaita flies. Spines lining its body vibrate to produce sonic energy, creating a powerful and accurate echolocation, though Sontiri also has the option of sight. In addition to control over sonics, dodging abilities, and healing, it also possesses the ability to amplifying its own powers, creating powerful sonic blasts and making it extremely difficult to hit and keep down.


As is normal of new breed kaitas, Sontiri shared the minds of all of its component beings - Era, Jayar and Hoto - rather than having a singular intelligence of its own.  

Skills and abilities

fixed to Sontiri's wrists were two manacles with bladed chains, based on Era's Rattler. In addition, it possessed the ability to amplify its existing powers, greatly increasing their strength.


  • Sontiri was involved in the now-infamous battle against the Dark Hunter Phantom, an event that traumatised Hoto and left her unwilling to form kaitas ever again.