Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
General Information
Player Dark_Stranger
Variation Shattering
Level 2
Gender Female
Status Alive
Makuta unknown
Gear Extending talons, reinforced gauntlets and boots, camera system in forearms

A friendly, but rather paranoid Panrahk with a secret edge.


Shrapnel is mostly colored the typical Panrahk copper. Her forearms, hands, lower legs, and feet are reinforced to be able to deflect blades, and are painted bright pink, although the joints are still copper-colored. She also has several reinforced pink wires running from her forearms and torso to the base of her skull, though these are purely for show--the actual wiring for her hidden sensors is entirely concealed beneath her armor.


A paragon of mental discipline, as is necessary for making sense of the multiple feeds from the hidden cameras in her forearms. Though outwardly friendly, she is never fully trusting of anyone, keeping an eye or two out for disloyalty and rebellion wherever she goes.

Skills and Abilities

In addition to being a fairly competent melee fighter, Shrapnel is quite observant and cool headed, possessing the psychological discipline to make sense of the feed from each of her two cameras in addition to her normal vision. The hidden optical and audio sensors implanted in her forearms feed to a low-profile display built directly into her faceplate. These are about as accurate as her natural sensory organs, allow greatly enhance her area of vision by "seeing" in whatever direction she points her arms, and can record sensory data for replay (though their memory is quite finite, allowing them to store a maximum of about thirty seconds worth of input).


Toxin--Shrapnel picked a fight with the Lerahk during the assassination assignment, when she came to the conclusion that he was an assassin. It was true that another student had been incapacitated with one of Toxin's weapons, but the true cause was that Toxin's brother Bullseye had used the blade to "kill" himself rather than participate as an assassin. Toxin himself was greatly upset by this, and reacted to Shrapnel's attack with furious efficiency.


Shrapnel is a test subject, plain and simple--even more so than most other new-breed Rahkshi. Implanted with a prototype camera system, she was sent to Corpus Rahkshi to test it under whatever conditions the school could provide...and possibly take down a rebel or two, as well. She arrived just in time for Icarax to announce his first assignment, in which she participated with gusto.