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GM Description

~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

The Ghosts are an illusive kin. It is how they earned the name after all. So I only feel confident saying that Phantom-on-the-Water is the only village entirely comprised of the craftsmen if I am permitted to affix the addendum “that we know of”. Spanning either side of the River Eidolon it is a mess of smoking chimneys and glowing furnaces, with dying embers and the sound of hammers filling the air. Nothing is ever still, nothing is ever quiet. I suppose it would appeal to a certain sort of person but I personally prefer peace and solitude in which to contemplate important matters. For their part the Ghosts seem unexpectedly happy at having the Academy nearby, possibly as having a building full of Rahkshi just next door discourages any snoops seeking them out.

To most of the outside world Phantom-on-the-Water is just another village full of Fe-Matoran and the industry they love. It churns out well-made but none too special weaponry, maybe a few more ornate trinkets from time to time, but is otherwise indistinguishable from the other settlements on the island. But what the Brotherhood, and by extension you the players, are aware of is that is it headquarters for the ingenious Nynrah Ghosts, a group of Matoran who have always been a bit…looser with their morals than others. Either through avarice or sheer love of their craft they’re generally quite happy to make anything if offered the right price…

Player Notes

Since the beginning of the game, Phantom-On-The-Water has been utterly destroyed, leaving nothing more than a pile of charred ruins.


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