Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
General Information
Player Wyrd Bid Ful Araed
Variation Quick Healing
Level 7
Gender Female
Status Alive, active
Makuta Tridax
Gear Caduceus Staff.

Palma is a Shadow Kraata level Quick Healing rahkshi, who serves as the school's nurse.


"Normally a bog standard brown and black, the colours of her kind, she’s adopted the practise of colouring the armour plates of her shoulders white with crossing red bands running across them, signifying her more supportive medical role." 


"Palma is a Rahkshi of Quick Healing, and while not one of the new breed has intelligence enough from being a full-blown Shadow Kraata that she can match wits with them. Oh yes, thats right, Palma identifies as female, something she has only started to do in recent months. Seems the personalities of the students might be a little catching."

"Though school nurse is not the limit of her role, she also acts as unofficial teacher of biological and anatomical matters that the students ask after, a fair number wishing to become healers themselves."

Skills and Abilities

"Its knowledge of medical matters is unrivalled by any, and I would say outclasses even some of my fellow Makuta. In addition I feel that, as a loyal and well-trained Rahkshi, it makes an excellent example of what the students should be aspiring to."

A Palma MOC by Miras


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  • "Act like you did again and I will show you that medical knowledge lets me take you apart just as easily as it lets me put you back together."


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