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Omega was a Level 3 Rahkshi of Magnetism.

Click's art of Omega.
Click's art of Omega.
General Information
Player Agent Epsilon
Variation Magnetism
Level 3
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Makuta Bitil
Gear Two axes, a bo staff, and a special Nynran axe


Omega was a very muscular Rahkshi, and he was extremely big. He was gold and black, with a purple omega symbol on his faceplate, going round his eyes. He had gold spines.


At the start, Omega was a regular minion of Phogen, not very bright, gullible, and annoying. Towards the end of Omega's life, he grew depressed and unstable. After the Nynrah attack, this was demonstrated quite nicely in his foolish attempt to beat up Exxan.

Skills and abilities

Regular magnetism powers of Level 3. He also carried 2 axes, a bo staff and a Nynran axe, made by the Nynrah Ghosts themselves.



  • Fang - Became friends when Omega warned him of Exxan coming for him. Also helped Omega out of depression, pretty much.
  • Kat - Met her whilst Fang and him were at Nynrah, for some supplies. Saved her life.


  • Vaalku - I really have to specify why?
  • Phogen - Used to follow her like a goon, but later began to have his doubts about being such a drone.


  • Exxan - The two never really got along, and Exxan later killed him.
  • Raith, or now Fior - Annoyed him during an assignment, and that made Omega want to rip her armour apart.




  • Omega was Dane's first character, and it shows.
  • Omega once referenced Clint Eastwood.
  • At one point, Omega was lifted onto Vaalku's shoulders. Don't even ask.