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Nymph is an ultra-nerdy level 2 Rahkshi of Density Control, who is currently in the middle of escaping Corpus with Fior.

Nymph - Copy.png
General Information
Player Miras
Variation Density Control
Level 2
Gender Male
Status Alive, active
Makuta Unknown
Gear Sword, Rahkshi Staff, grenades


I have a picture. Do I need to say anything?


Nymph is shy yet clever, and maybe a bit too trusting. He spends a lot of time reading books, and possibly overvalues them, to the point where once, when he accidentally ripped a page, he was driven to a very precarious point of unpredictability and almost insanity. He has since recovered.

Skills and Abilities

Uhh... None?



  • Fior


  • The Loyalists (By default)



  • Nymph was created by an unknown Makuta on an unknown island alongside an unknown quantity of other Kraata.
  • A while after his birth, Nymph leveled-up for the first time and was soon shipped off to Corpus Rahkshi.


  • Nymph's first post introduced him reading in the Library. After an accident in which he tore a page of a book, he went out into the halls in a rather unstable state of mind.
  • Whilst in the halls, Nymph encountered Raith, who offered to give him a tour of the school. After a brief period of getting to know each other, Raith accidentally asked a sensitive question, which resulted in Nymph freaking out, abandoning Raith and running back to the Library.
  • Raith found him once again, and was able to reconcile with Nymph.
  • After a period of time spent reading, Nymph and Raith (Now known as Fior) were alerted to Icarax's new position as Headmaster by the Makuta's use of telepathy.
  • Nymph and Fior did not take part in Gorast's Sports Day- instead, the destruction of Phantom-on-the-Water galvanised the pair into planning for an escape.
  • The two returned to Fior's room and began their plans, which were forced to be accelerated after Icarax's announcement that he would have "business" for all of the students shortly.
  • Nymph proceeded to his own room and collected his few possessions before heading out to the Causeway to wait for Fior.


"We were made to be weapons. And we're sapient. Sapient weapons. How stupid does that sound?"


  • Nymph began life as a port of Miras from Bionifight.
  • The MOC shown above is the fourth iteration of Nymph's various MOCs; the first was intended to be a generic Rahkshi, the second was Nymph but the shoulders were far too wide for his character, the third fixed the shoulder issue but then had incomplete-looking shoulders, and the fourth one fixed the incompleteness issue.
  • Nymph has a satchel full of grenades.