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Mu is a level 2 Rahkshi of Shapeshifting and one of Omega's siblings, alongside Eps and Alpha.

Some attributes
First Variation: Shapeshifting
Second Level: 2
Third Gender: Male
Other attributes
Fourth Affiliation: Neutral

Appearance and Physical Traits

Mu is, essentially, a chibi version of Omega. He has painted his armour to match Omega's almost perfectly- apart from a few spots of unpainted metal where he couldn't reach- and his head is emblazoned with a purple μ. Mu's physique is that of an experienced fighter (aka way over-muscled), with the muscle of a much larger Rahkshi compressed into his much smaller volume.

Personality and Mental Traits

Mu is obsessed with Omega.

Skills and Abilities

Mu is a highly adept fighter, having trained to be able to use his spoons to their maximum potential. He is also surprisingly strong, and is proficient enough at fighting to be able to take down larger Rahkshi, suffering little to no injuries in the process, as proven by his IC fight with Deadeye.



  • Omega
  • Mortsia


  • Eps
  • Deadeye



After Mu's birth, he immediately became obsessed with his older brother, Omega. He painted his armour to be identical to Omega's, and even began training himself to build up muscles and strength similar to that of his brother. After Omega left for Corpus, Mu was kept behind by their Makuta, Bitil, as he felt that Mu required extra training due to his smaller size.


Mu was eventually sent to Corpus Rahkshi, and upon his arrival he encountered Deadeye.The two soon got into a fight, which Mu won. Later, after finding his room, Mu was discovered by Eps, who proceeded to try and beat up his younger brother. Eps was stopped by Mortsia. After that, Mu went to the Gym, intent on continuing his training. Whilst in the Gym, Mu encountered Shark, a tense conversation which was quickly resolved without a fight.




  • Mu was a Skype character.
  • Mu was the second of Omega's siblings to be played by a player other than Dane.