Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
General Information
Player Smudge8
Variation Quick Healing
Level 3
Gender Female
Status active
Makuta unknown
Gear flute

Melody is a level 3 Quick Healing Rahkshi THIS PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS


She has chosen to paint herself pure white.  She also wears a necklace of seashells. She also tends to stammer


Melody is very shy and empathetic. She is a pacifist and hates violence in any form. She loves music and art.

Skills and Abilities

As a quick healing Rahkshi Melody is able to more quickly recover from injuries, She is an accomplished musician and loves to play the flute



  • Cutuuk-currently inactive


  • Canvas



Melody was born to a cruel Makuta who believed in survival of the fittest. Melody was thrown into a pit with her brothers and sisters and forced to fight over limited resources. The Kraata brutaly injured each other. Seeing this made Melody feel really bad. She only got by herself by grabbing food while the others were fighting. She hoped that life outside the pit would be better. And it was, somewhat. But she still she hoped that things would improve.


While at Corpus Melody was very shy and antisocial. She avoided other Rahkshi because they all seemed to aggressive and violent. She also did her best to stear clear of the assignments, which were usually combat focused. When she needed time alone she would retreat to a special hiding spot, a small cliffside cave, which could be accessed through a tunnel in the Once in a while she would find a chance to come out of her shell. Including attempting to help Torch be less violent. She found a friend in Cutuuk, who was very kind to her. They were very close, but Cutuuk was also frequently absent. She also made friends with Canvas.

During this time she began to meet more like minded individuals. They formed the Felowship of piece in order to set an example for the other rahkshi. One day while walking through the halls she came across Dahl, who debated her beliefs. The encounter really shook Melody up. She realized that she needed to help find a solution instead of just condemning the problem.




  • Smudge8 used the Piano Guys as an inspiration for Melodies musical style.
  • Melody was originally created to be the exact opposite of the electric guitar playing Rahkshi Metal.