Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
Kat, Cao, Xara
Kat, Cao, Xara
General Information
Player Tiragath, Chumpu, Nato
Species Kaita
Abilities Fear, Chain Lightning, Elasticity, and Shield Projection.
Gender Neutral.
Status Yet to be formed.
Gear Claws, tails blades, tentacle beard.


A nightmarish, imposing creature of metallic grey and mottled brown, it towers above other beings on its muscular digitigrade legs, a long tailed tipped with blades helping balance out its wiry arms, tipped with hooked claws.   

But its face is the true terror. Glaring out at the world through four giant eyes – two green, two violet – it has a beard of electrified tentacles below its tooth-packed maw, with the entire hellish visage being framed by a lizard-like frill.   


The combined minds of Caoutchouc, Catatonic and Xara.

Skills and abilities

Kaitathulhu needs no weapons, because it is one.  

However, in addition to the three powers it inherited from its component beings, it also possesses the ability to project hau-like shields over both itself, and others within its field of view.  


  •  Although it has yet to be formed IC, the playerbase has high expectations of kaitathulhu, due to it being formed from three of the best fighters in Corpus Rahkshi.