Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
General Information
Player Wyrd Bid Ful Araed
Species Vortixx
Abilities Skilled metalsmith, able to use Kanohi.
Gender Male.
Status Alive, active.
Gear Smithing tools.

Grossh is a Vortixx metalsmith, currently residing at his villa/workshop in Malebranche.


"The Vortixx who stepped into the atrium was shorter than Vortixx tended to be, a life of labour on Xia had probably stunted him somewhat, but he made up for it with the sheer dazzle factor of being clad head to toe in gold."


Charming and charismatic, this Vortixx is known for his flamboyance. He is also incredibly perceptive, able to accurately read both expressions and situations.


"Grossh was a Vortixx, a male one who had broken the traditions and taboos of his species by leaving Xia and striking out on his own. He had settled on Nynrah, gained no little renown as a smith of meticulously crafted intricacies, and then starting taking apprentices at an astonishing rate. It was joked that he wasn't just expanding his business, he was founding a dynasty. A legion of jewellers and clockwork-smiths all owing their trade to Grossh, all his heirs as much as his students..."




  • "I see no Makuta. So either your master is shapeshifted into one of you, playing games with me, you are somehow inept enough to have lost them along the way, or...or you are something new."
  • "I had heard rumours of this thing the Makuta built to the south. Strange rumours. But I find the stranger rumours are the more likely they are to be true."


  • The GM has confirmed that Grossh was written with the intention of being a possible contact for any Rahkshi fleeing the school.
  • Grossh's symbol is a Golden Hand, the significance of which is currently a mystery.