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Glaciem Ignis
Two heads are better than one. Or so they say...
Two heads are better than one. Or so they say...
General Information
Player Nato.
Variation Ice/Fire resistance.
Level 2.
Gender Female/Male.
Status Alive, active.
Makuta Chirox.
Gear Hook blades.


Due to their unusual state (see bio) Glaciem Ignis’ suit has been built with a larger carapace and kraata case, and a second head. Both heads have slightly longer necks and are spaced apart so as not to bump into each other. The armour has a stockier build to accommodate this larger and heavier torso. As such, they tower intimidatingly over other Rahkshi. Each of the duo has equal amount of control over the armour, making things difficult not only in combat, but also in simple daily activities, unless they decide to cooperate.

As one would expect from the children of Chirox, their suit is covered in plenty of intimidating silvery spikes, fangs, claws, etc. The suit itself is a metallic grey colour, with the armour plating over the top being red on Ignis’ side of the body, and blue on Glaciem’s. Their spines are much shorter, and sort of clustered all over their necks and back rather than forming one singular ridge.


Glaciem is cold, calculating and cautious, whereas Ignis is more hot-headed and temperamental, making their situation all the more difficult. If the two are cooperating, they tend to think of themselves as a “they” rather than referring to their individual selves. 

Skills and Abilities

Although they have many difficulties in cooperating and getting along, the duo have cooperated in learning to master their father's favoured weapons: hook blades.  


  • TBA


When Chirox mixed a few viruses from his experiments into a spawning vat, he was trying to create a kraata with two different powers. Instead, he wound up spawning two conjoined kraata, permanently stuck together. Creating a single suit to accommodate them both with proved difficult, but he eventually succeeded. Chirox performed numerous experiments on them before they were at last sent to Corpus Rahkshi, and among his conclusions he noted that – being almost a pseudo-Kaita already, the duo would be unable to merge their form with other Rahkshi, and that due to their conflicting personalities, they would likely wind up destroying any masks they attempted to infect.


  • TBA


  • Another player concocted a short-lived ripoff of Glaciem Ignis, called Bikraata, which was killed during an ill-fated raid on a Matoran mining settlement.
  • Glaciem Ignis is one of the biggest - in terms of both height and girth -Rahkshi in the school, beaten only by Flabbergaster and Shark.