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Flabbergaster is the resident overweight fear Rahkshi of Corpus Rahkshi. Sometimes known as the "Crimson Crusader", the crude walking lard ball is pushing to be more powerful.


Due to a prank on his Makuta's associate by one of his servants, Flabbergaster's suit is very overweight. He has another layer of armour over his stomach to protect it. Crimson with bits of purple and silver, Flabbergaster has based his appearance to be fear-inducing.


Flabbergaster is relatively passive and friendly. He does have a tendency to be rude without knowing it, however. Unable to be much of a help, Flabbergaster spends most of his time alone.

Skills and abilities

Flabbergaster has level 2 Rahkshi fear power. He is slightly more resilient than others.



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Glaciem Ignis - Failed in combat against them


Arriving at Corpus, Flabbergaster interrupted the questionable funeral of the supposedly dead Exxan, resulting in an attack on him by Kat, Caoutchouc, and Phogen. Taking flight, he taunted Glaciem Ignis after they destroyed a book he was holding, which led into a fight that was quick and pointless. Afterwads, Flabbergaster left to the infirmary, where he bested Shock in an insult fight and severely ticked off Palma after freaking out Shield.

He later partook in the Mafia-styled mission taking place in the Gym and lost to Sliver, an arrow through his arm. The arrow is still in his arm. He is currently forgetting to head to the infirmary and is wandering the halls.