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Eps, or Epsilon, is a cruel Density Control Rahk, who was responsible for Omega's desire to train and fight so much.

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General Information
Player Jayne Cobb
Variation Density Control
Level 2
Gender Male
Status Alive
Makuta Bitil
Gear Disc Launcher, Tomahawks.


Tall, and lean, with a black body and green highlights around it. He normally wears a hood, so no-one has really seen his face. His claws are sharpened to a point, and his spines curve backwards like the blades of a buzz saw.


He is cruel, and cares nothing for the weak. Hates his batch more than anything in the world, especially Mu and Omega.

Skills and Abilities

He possesses Level 2 Density Control powers, as well as carrying a disc launcher, and tomahawks.


Omega - Despises him, and practically bullied him for most of his time in the batch.

Mu - Finds him easy to take advantage of in terms of bullying, and will beat him up whenever he can.

Venom - Hates her for beating him up.

Bitil - His father, who he tries very hard to impress. Unfortunately, Bitil hates him the most out of his batch.

Mortsia - White knight that speaks in rhymes. Wants to kill.




  • Interestingly, most of Eps' backstory was revealed through Bionifight Infinite, rather than the main game Corpus Rahkshi. This was told through Omega talking to Kat about his past.
  • Eps is arguably the only real "mean" character that Dane has made who is not completely insane.