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Era, Hoto, Kat
Era, Hoto, Kat
General Information
Player Nato, Click, Chumpu
Species Kaita
Abilities Fear, Sonics, Dodge, and paralysing venom.
Gender Female.
Status No longer in use.
Gear Staff.


Dekako has a large, dinosaur-ish head that can let out powerful roars imbued with the powers of sonics and fear. She has four arms, two of which are smaller and folded up under its body with claws like that of a praying mantis. Her body is red, with silver armour and yellow accents, and she possesses a long tail that ends in a whip-like blade, made from Rattler and Scourge, which is coated in a paralysing venom. Powerfully built and muscular, she makes use of Hoto’s Dodge powers to be more effective in combat.


As a new breed kaita, Dekako shared the minds of all three of its component beings, possessing the fighting mentalities of Era and Kat, along with the gentler influence of Hoto.  

Skills and abilities

Art of Dekako by Click

As well as being able to access the powers of her three component rahkshi, Dekako wielded a staff similar in design to Hoto’s, with finely-tuned blades to focus its sonic abilities.


  • Dekako was the first kaita to be formed IC, but will tragically never be formed again after the trauma Hoto suffered during the Sontiri versus Phantom battle.
  • Dekako is lovingly known as our "General Grievous Rex"
  • Dekako also made an appearance in Bionifight as her own entity come seeking revenge on those who never brought her to life again.