Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
Not as harmless as he sounds...
Not as harmless as he sounds...
General Information
Player Nato.
Species Makuta.
Abilities 42 kraata powers, telepathy, flight, shadows.
Gender Male.
Status Alive.
Gear Unknown.

The Makuta currently known only as "Daddy" is the creator of the students Exxan and Sliver.


"In the middle of the ring stood their Makuta, a towering, spindly being of steel and shadows, wreathed in a cloak of darkness. Blazing red eyes regarded the two Rahkshi before the colossus spoke, his voice surprisingly gentle and melodious for such an imposing being."


"Daddy" is known to be both secretive and manipulative, playing other beings off against each other in order to achieve his goals. He lacks empathy, and believes power is best won through guile and treachery, and easiest to maintain through fear rather than respect.

Polite and encouraging, appreciative and understanding, he maintains an ever-present mask of courteousness and friendliness that are at odds with his true nature.

Despite his seemingly heartless behaviour, however, he has been shown to demonstrate real remorse over lying to those he favours. On the few occasions where he gives his word and genuinely means what he says, he keeps his promises.

Skills and Abilities

Like all of his species, he has access to the 42 kraata powers, as well as other powers such as flight, telepathy, shadows, and the ability to use Kanohi, although his mask of choice is currently unknown.


  • Exxan - the first new breed rahkshi that "Daddy" ever created, he holds a special place in the Makuta's heart... as one of his biggest failures.
  • Sliver - taking after her creator in almost every possible way, "Daddy" considers Sliver to be his prodigy.


As with the majority of Makuta, "Daddy" was created from Antidermis by Mata Nui. It is unclear what stance he took on events such as the Matoran Civil War or Teridax's betrayal, but it is believed that he currently rules over an isolated island chain somewhere in the Southern Isles, where he largely keeps to himself.  

At present, he has only sent two new breed kraata to Corpus Rahkshi, although he is known to have created many more, presumably keeping them in his private villa estate.  


  • “Remember… I will only give one of you the privilege of attending Tridax’s little academy. Only the very best of my breed shall be allowed to represent me.” - to Sliver and Exxan, before their duel deciding which of them would go to Corpus Rahkshi.
  • “You shall go to Corpus Rahkshi on my behalf, Exxan. Your skills are lacking, but I believe that will change given time.” - Giving Exxan his blessing.
  • “I was going to send you, but now… you’re of far more use to me here. I hope you can forgive me for breaking my promise.” - A heartfelt apology to Sliver.


  • "Daddy's" first (currently only) appearance IC was in a Sliver flashback, which was Nato's 10,001st post.
  • All of "Daddy's" Rahkshi bear the Rahkshi symbol in silver on their shoulders.