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This is the category for any and all player characters, staff characters or NPCs of all sorts that have featured in Corpus Rahkshi.

Page Template

Here is the basic template recommended for use if you're making a page on this wiki for a Corpus Rahkshi character:(The infobox can be found under "Insert" > "Template" > "Infobox:Character")

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General Information
Player Your name
Variation Character's power
Level #
Gender M/F/etc.
Status Deceased, Living, etc.
Makuta Unknown
Gear Tools, weapons, etc.

[A brief intro line about the character should go here]



What your character looks like, and how they move, speak etc. Can be brought over from the Appearance section of the character's profile for the most part.



How your character behaves. Are they aggressive, kind or cunning? What do they fear, and what do they enjoy? Can be partially copied from the Personality section of the character's profile.


Skills and Abilities

Any powers the character has and anything they're particularly good at. Are they a strong fighter or an accurate marksman, or do they excel as a tactician? Could include equipment, if that influences these characteristics.



This section is for showing who the character is with. Could be divided into "Friends", "Allies", "Enemies", "Rivals", "Love Interests", etc. etc. etc., or you could simply put the character's opinions on others. It's up to you.



This section is for recounting the character's history, their biography. Could include pre-game events (that is, backstory; possibly copied from the character's Bio section in their profile) but is mainly used as an account of what in-game events have happened to the character. The level of detail you do this in is up to you: some people might want a simple list of events, while others might make a more detailed record.


Quotes, trivia and anything else you want to put in...

That's about it. Happy character-ing.


An Important Notice

Please, please, please include the appropriate categories at the end of the character's page. Always use the category "Characters". If your character is a Rahkshi, use "Rahkshi", if they're a student at the Academy, use "Students" etc. etc. etc. This helps a lot with the organization of the wiki.

To add categories to your page, click the "Add category" button at the very bottom of the page, just above the comments section. Type the names of any categories that are appropriate, pressing the enter key after each one. Once you're done, press "Save".

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