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Catatonic (more commonly referred to by Kat) is a level five Rahkshi of Fear, and the leader of the Rebellion.

Catatonic (Kat)
Kat's old appearance, since modified
Kat's old appearance, since modified
General Information
Player Chumpu
Variation Fear
Level 5
Gender Female
Status Living
Makuta Unknown
Gear A large, spiked warhammer, Scourge: an urumi sword controlled by thought.


Kat is physically as perfect as one can get for a Rahkshi, and originally was red and black with black tribal markings. Currently she is heavily armored, Her sillhouette greatly changed, more bulky, and slightly taller with a solid gunmetal color, with geometric patterns in purple.


Kat is confident, always ready to face danger, and generally upbeat. She's fiercely protective of her fellows, and doesn't like being used. She's relentless when chasing her goals, and often overworks herself for the sake of others. This has gotten her injured and nearly killed a few times, but it hasn't stopped her yet. Has a particular weakness for good food. 

Skills and Abilities

Kat has all the powers of a level five Fear Kraata, Able to instill as little as paranoia to full fledged catatonic terror in any being she comes into contact with. She's also a formidable hand to hand fighter, often coming up with unorthodox, but effective ways of dealing with her foes. Notably well versed in sword play, and staff techniques, Kat is a well rounded combatant, and is never without a method of self defense.


Fang- Boyfriend, and fellow Rebellion member.

Hoto- Close friend, Dekako component, former Rebellion member.

Cao- Semi-rival, friend, and Member of the Rebellion

Xara- Rival, Rebellion member

Shield- Enemy of circumstance turned ally, grudging Rebellion member.

Snake: Ally, former Cabal member, Rebellion member

Exxan: Close ally, unending source of frustration, and unofficial Rebellion member.

Phogen: Former leader of Cabal, neutral.

Era: Friend, dekako component, Rebellion member.

Wraith: Only notable personal enemy.


Kat arrived shortly before the Second Assignment, and formed a team with Chequars, Tube, Hashan, and Wraith. During the course of the assignment, a student named Dodge was critically injured by Wraith, and Kat, along with Recoil, and Hoto, took Dodge to the Infirmary. After which, she returned to Nynrah to find metal for a prosthetic leg for Dodge, stumbling upon Scourge, an Urumi sword she could control with her mind. Bringing it and the metal back, she helped Hoto find her room, and marked it for easy location later. (more soon)