Corpus Rahkshi Wikia
Because that's not creepy at all...
Because that's not creepy at all...
General Information
Player Nato.
Variation Insect Control.
Level 2.
Gender Male.
Status Alive, active.
Makuta Unknown.
Gear Scythe-staff, Marrow Cleaver, wrist crossbows.


As his name might suggest, Bonegleam’s body is bleached white. His armour is semi-translucent, leaving his bones and veins/framework and hydraulics eerily visible. His body is decorated with bones – ribs, limbs, skulls, etc. – that he’s scavenged from karz knows where, which rattle noisily as he moves. A trio of segmented spines the colour of dried bone arc across his back, and his fingers end in long claws, sharp and jagged like broken bone ends. His blazing orange-red eyes stare out of sunken, hollow sockets. 


Thanks to a life of being ostracised, Bonegleam tends to keep mostly to himself, surrounded by dead things. When he does speak, his voice is husky and raspy, creaking like old floorboards. Although mostly non-violent, he will not hesitate to defend himself with extreme prejudice if he feels that he or his bone collection are under threat. 

Skills and Abilities

Bonegleam is a strange fellow, but his skills in combat are not to be underestimated. He wields a pair of wrist-mounted miniaturised crossbows, the firing mechanism built into the palm of his gauntlets, with additional bolts being held in pouches on his belt. He also carries a staff adorned with the rattling bones of various creatures, possessing a pair of scythe-like blades on the end.

His signature weapon, though, is Marrow Cleaver: a two-handed flamberge greatsword, complete with ricasso and parrying hooks, forged from levitation disks to reduce its weight.

And for added creepiness, he owns a birdcage containing two long-dead, still-singing necrofinches, although he usually leaves it in his dorm. 


  • TBA


Clearly defective, this Rahkshi came into being with a very unhealthy fixation with death. Not killing, just death. Of particular fascination to him were bones. He was obsessed with them – killing rahi or digging up corpses to find new ones, even resorting to disassembling a fellow rahk while they slept. 

This bizarre behaviour left him a recluse, shunned and feared by others, often treated with disdain if not outright revulsion. This has made him soft-spoken and withdrawn – especially after being cast out and sent to Corpus Rahkshi – but given the opportunity he won’t hesitate to share all of the intimate details of his creepy fascination with anyone who’ll listen.


  • "Excuse me... Would you like to make a donation?"
  • "How about an arm? Or even a leg?"
  • "Well, if you're not going to give me a limb, I could always just take it... unless you know someone else who'd be willing to donate some of their body parts for my collection?"
  • "So tell me, which of your arms are you less attached to?"


  • Bonegleam's favourite type of insect is the Niazesk.
  • This character is no longer active in-game. When he was last seen, he was building himself a fortress out of bones in the ruins of Phantom-on-the-Water... presumably, he is still there to this day.