Corpus Rahkshi Wikia

Assignments are tasks given by Tridax, Suvak, or Icarax to assess the intelligence of the Rahkshi. So far, there have been five assignments.

First Assignment

The first assignment was an assassination game. Each participant was given the name of another and told to "assassinate" them using any non-lethal methods that would kill the less hardy Toa or Matoran.

Second Assignment

Otherwise known as "Wreck the Halls," the second assignment was Ultron's Christmas gift to the players of Corpus Rahkshi. Tridax had grown tired of the Matoran's worship of the sleeping Mata Nui around Naming Day, and as a show of power, demanded the Rahkshi attack Phantom-On-The-Water and destroy any relics of Naming Day. Several students found powerful Nynran weapons.

Third Assignment

The third assignment consisted of an essay contest of five prompts. The students were asked to write up how they would respond to two of the scenarios, and submit their answers to Suvak.

Fourth Assignment

The fourth assignment took place in a new location, Malebranche. Suvak had hidden himself within the city, and students were tasked with finding him through any means necessary.

Fifth Assignment

The fifth assignment was the most dangerous yet. A game of Capture the Flag set on the Island of Visorak, infested with the spider Rahi that were its namesake. The participants were divided into two teams, Doublecross and Backstab, and placed in two separate locations to hide their flags.